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going back home

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Posted 08 June 2017 - 06:37 PM

If transiting Toronto or Vancouver then a visa for Canada should not be needed.


If meeting her in Canada and then driving across boarder then a visa may be needed.

#17 tsap seui

tsap seui

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 11:01 AM


Your wife will be just fine. My wife came home from Fushun in early April after a 3 1/2 month stay. She got welcome home words and smiles from all of the officials in Dulles Airport when she came back. Ya pretty much have to be looking for trouble (to get into trouble). Normal trips with no pushing the limits each time, they aren't harassing people just to do it.

Wenyan had better been greeted that way upon her return via Dulles. My heart rate starts to rise and my palms get sweaty just thinking about the wrath of Buddha that could have been released upon them had they not treated Wenyan any other way. There is no limit to the amount of bad karma and wet mopping that could have been. I shudder and shake just thinking about how quickly our older, truly pissed off and in a bad mood Chinese wives can become, if provoked enough. The stare alone can make million year old granite crack, let alone some lowly TSA line greeter who is not being polite and smiley.

All joking aside, I concur that everything will be just fine.

You just have to keep it in perspective what you are hearing and reading, and the source of your information.

Knowing that it may have come from your wife's girlfriends cousin, who heard it at work from her coworkers brothers sister, who overheard the waitress talking about what she had read on 001 last week and confirming it with a Wikipedia article that she remembers reading about last year, thus becoming the Chinese wives heard it though the grapevine gospel truth.


"wet mop slap"...Holy jumpin' Mexican beans MAN!!!  You said the 3 words that I most fear...Why those three words are as unwanted to hear as the 4 words that I fear the most..."not tonight, I'm tired".  :smoker:


Yeah buddy, they treated her very well. All that hysterical conjecture you see and hear and read everywhere you look, listen, and read is just that at this point in time...conjecture. It is still at the point of , if you aren't flouting the posted rules, ya got nothing to worry about.


With that said, I have to admit, they can pull anyone out of line and take them behind the doors that have locks ...ON BOTH SIDES. On my 6th out of 7 trips to Chinartucky, I got up to the customs officer's desk at Newark. handed in my passport and watched his eyes light up from reading his computer. He raised his hand to another customs character to come escort me behind...THE DOORS WITH LOCKS ON BOTH SIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


My personal customs bodyguard directs me to sit down near a couple who looked like they may be from the middle east. This one young punk in a uniform yells out my name. I stand and say, "yes".....this young fellow in a uniform starts off with YELLING loudly at me the question...WHY ARE YOU MAKING SO MANY TRIPS TO CHINA?  So, good patriotic American that I am, I calmly stood, and sat when told to, and listened to this poster boy for government employment yell at me at the top of his lungs for an hour and 22 minutes. Then, after he had gone through every article I had on me and packed in my luggage...hehehe...on that trip I had taken over a 1,000 copies of evidence as we prepared to submit that 2nd immigration application for Wenyan and Fengqi. This feller in a uniform with a some badges on it looked at every single sheet. As well as spending time reading my checkbook ledger, feeling and fingering all of my clothes...all while yelling like my photo was posted in post offices everywhere and he had just caught me.  :roller:   After 13 1/2 hours in the air I was mentally depleted. When young punk in uniform started yelling, I went into my safe zone...I started remembering flying choppers in Cambodia and parts of SVN. The more he yelled, the farther up the Mekong River I flew as my crew and I skimmed the dark orange red mighty Mekong with the skids just 3 feet above. By the time I went through my safe place vaults I was up to the part about landing a Huey on top of and then settling down in a huge mari-jane field we spotted out in Cambodia. I was settling the bird down into the plants, listening to the door gunners giving me directions on the tail rotor  when out of the mists of the past I hear...


"Okay, you can go". The lil' boy's rant must be finished, and I can see that the small tent in the front of his zipper on his pants has deflated, so  he must be "spent" and the show must be over I reckon to myself. He pats me on the back like we might be from the same warrior tribe (not hardly, son) and as he opens the door with two sided locks he leans in and softly tells me...."Nothing personal sir, just doing my job, have a nice flight home".  Well, at least America was safe from me for almost an hour and a half one day back in 2010. Breathe easy you fair maidens and pilgrims everywhere...


So, you can see, some folks are gonna get flagged or pulled out line...even if your trips were for 6 or 8 week sex festivals with a topping of lots of immigration paperwork with your mate. I could quote a cute Mel Brooks line as governor in the movie Blazing Saddles, but will refrain from here.


My wife has made almost as many trips to China as I have (which ain't really all that many) and...sniff, sniff...she has gotten much better treatment from American officials than I have.

Good for her...long live our Chinese wives. OHHRAH :worthy:  :worthy:




Changing planes in Canada should be completely un-eventful. The numba one reason why it would be an event of bad sorts is....1. Playing and flouting with the rules. With life, in most cases,  Clean Noses, don't get picked.

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Posted 09 June 2017 - 11:04 PM

If you set your post to music it could be the B-side to "Alice's Restaurant"!

Or, is it?

#19 tsap seui

tsap seui

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Posted 10 June 2017 - 09:02 AM

Thanks much, Greg.  While I would have liked to be sittin' beside ol' Arlo when he was flyin' into Los Angeles, bringin' in a coupla keys, I don't think he used my song on his B side. But, you were close my good man, as my words were put to music and sung on the B side of Tom Waits' smash hit...."The Piano Has Been Drinking"


Here is  Tom singing his lovely and touching romantic hit, The Piano Has Been Drinking, on the Fernwood 2Night set with Martin Mull and Fred Willard. Hearing his tender voice you can just imagine how delicate the B side was.  :baby:


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