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Ella¡¯s Fairytale story come true

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Posted 18 November 2007 - 04:42 PM

Once upon a time, there was once a girl named Ella was wishing a true love come into her life, she talked with Buddha and prayed same kind wish every day, She believed if she could folded 1,000 pieces of paper swan, her dream would come true¡­

What a lucky girl, when she folded the 866 swan, her fairy God Father¡ªBill Gates waved his
Magic Wand built a incredible bridge---Internet between this girl and a lovely man who lives in the other side of the earth¡­

This girl is me, Ella, the lovely , wonderful man is my husband Tine.

2001was a year that will change my life forever, Through package1, then 2, then3, then4¡­Guangzhou interview¡­then man!!!!!!...The white slip, millions phone calls to consulate, millions phone calls to DOS ,e- mails to Senator Lugar and more waiting the Great Black Hole.

Whewwwwwwwww!!!!....Finally! 2003 was a year that my dream life was starting¡­

After my daughter and I arrived airport, I had a very deep inhale and exhale accompany with my daughter¡¯s excited voice. I didn¡¯t speak too much on the way to the place where would be mean a lot to me: HOME ! I just kept looking around, every time when my eyes caught something was same as pictures which Tine sent to me when I was still in China, I felt better¡­better¡­ I don¡¯t know how describe that feeling¡­

My daughter couldn¡¯t wait to start her new school, so she went to her school in the second day
after we arrived U.S. Even she has been gotten all ¡®A¡¯s in her English when she was in China, the English langue was still hard for this new arrival. Tine spent at least 2 and 3hours every day with her to read stories and ask her questions¡­ I watched them, I saw good patience from this man, I knew there was non any hysteria, yelling and screaming in my life

Kellie has never taken any ESL class, her grades always A s and B s, can not count how many rewards she got, also she is in NJHS. We got letter form famous university and local school¡­She is going to take college class when she goes to 10th grade. If anything she needs talk to, the first person is Tine. Sometime, I think I am jealous, also, I am very happy.

2003 we had a precious girl, I couldn¡¯t believe I had minor Postpartum depression
The nurse came to our house and explained to me because my husband treats me too good, I asked her a question: My ex treated me as trash , why I did not get this, she answered me with tears: Because you¡¯ve knew you couldn¡¯t get any help from him , so you did not put any hopes on him, and my daughter had same kind former life as yours, after she had baby with her wonderful husband, she had depression too. But don¡¯t worry, you will be fine¡­.

I recalled everything during 9months pregnant : When my back hurts, my husband massaged it with warm hands until I quit whining¡­.When I was going to take shower, he stood there , he was afraid I fell, after shower, he put lotion all over me, told me with his charming voice: Honey, you will not have any mark on your body after you have baby¡­ My legs had never swelling as I had Kellie¡­.After I had baby, he made pig feet soup for me because I told him this soup would help me to have good milk, to be honest, soup was the most terrible taste in the world, but with his honest , true love, this soup is the best soup in the world, and until now, still have a lot people can not believe I had confinement. Yes, for Chinese, it¡¯s just traditional and simple custom,but for me I had confinement with my America husband in U.S. this confinement means a lot¡­.

Apply Green cards, B visa for my Mom, Citizenship, U.S passport ¡­he took care everything, the only thing I did just sign my name.

2007Noverber 15, Kellie¡¯s adoption is final ! Deal with attorney, government people, fill up plenty paper work¡­still all this man¡¯s ¡°job¡±¡­ and my daughter and I just wait the day to hear judge to tell us: Yes!


Too many things he did for us, that¡¯s why I frequently keep asking myself same question in the past years: THIS IS HAPPENING IN MY REAL LIFE NOW, RIGHT??? Or sometimes, I ask Tine to do something to ¡°wake¡± me up¡­. He always holds me tight in his arms without words, I can hear his heartbeat, and a deep voice form there: If you love this dream, please go on¡­ yes, if has this man accompany me in my dream world, why I have to wake up?

Over the years, the husband of mine who names TINE have been trying all ways to please us
all he wants is the best for us.

Do you believe in a hereafter? I do, We¡¯ve made a promise to each other, of course, this time, I ¡°worked¡± all on this promise, My husband just needs to answer ¡°Ok¡± or ¡°Yes¡±
I told him: In our hereafter, you have to be my neighbor because my future parents and I can know you early; You must be old than me because I love to be spoiled by a man who acts old brother and father all the time; I must be your first and last girlfriend, You must have one time marriage, of course the bridge is me! You must love me with all your heart, only me, forever¡­ with all the answers are ¡°ok¡± and ¡°yes¡±, I prayed: Dear Buddha and God, Please let me love this man more and more every second!

People always think the third year and the seventh year are the most dangerous years for marriage. But I think My wonderful husband Tine and I have already broken the ¡°third year¡± curse, and I have enough confidence to break the ¡°seventh year¡± curse, I will make my fairytale story ending just like others you read: They lived happily ever after!

Until now, I still have the feeling I am living in the dream I made, and I always want every one in this world to know, how lucky I am, how wonderful my husband is, how happy my life is! I never regret to choose this man be my husband, never!

I know my husband Tine is one I can trust, the one I can count on, the one I would spend the rest of my life with, until my time is done¡­

Live with this man, four words can describe my life very well: Love ----Tranquility ---Peace ----Harmony

This Thursday is our 5th Thanksgiving, Please CFL, let all of us take this weekend to show our "love" to all that are close to us.

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Posted 18 November 2007 - 05:02 PM


Your story makes my heart very warm inside. I have watched and read from afar your story from your loving husband Tine. Even as recently when you became a US Citizen I was reading your story with interest because my wife was also wanted to cross that bridge.

Here in our 7th year as a couple, you have said that from others this would be the one of the hardest years, but we have become more in love than ever before. Our love child, Alex is now 4 years old and keeps our hearts young with his activities and happiness as your daughter will do for you and Tine.

As I read Tine¡¯s story about you becoming a US Citizen, I asked my wife if she was ready and her reply was yes. She also took the test and we are now waiting for her to cross the finale bridge ¨C her oath of allegiance, which will be on November 28th.

From our table :D to your table :D ¨C Happy Thanksgiving! And may all you dreams come true!

Andrew, Maggie, and lil¡¯ Alex

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Posted 18 November 2007 - 05:24 PM

I am just starting my new life with Ping. Your story shows that i have many "best years" ahead of me. Thank you for a great and inspirational story.

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