Welcome to “A Candle For Love" 欢迎光临烛爱

Greetings and welcome! 问候和欢迎!

Welcome to the Candle for Love community, a website dedicated to navigating the labyrinth we call the visa process for Chinese spouses, fiance(e)s and children who seek to be united with their loved ones in the United States.

欢迎来到烛爱这个大家庭 - 一个致力于帮助为在中国的配偶、未婚夫/妻及儿女申请签证赴美团聚的申请人及受益人的互助网站

The visa process for Chinese loved ones is agonizingly slow. It can take 1 to 2 years for our fiancees and spouses to obtain their visa. During the visa process many issues and questions may arise from procedure, paperwork, and unclear or conflicting instructions. While the Department of Homeland Security - DHS, United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS), and State Department have the final say, we provide an additional resource to aid and support each other along the way.

申请中国公民身份的配偶、未婚夫/妻和子女赴美的签 证程序痛苦而漫长。整个程序需时1-2年。在申请过程中,由于程序、申请材料、不清晰或矛盾的指引等原因可能造成很多的问题。除美国国家安全局 (DHS,移民局(USCIS)以及国务院的政策规定外,我们提供额外的资源以协助及支持彼此顺利完成申请。

Whether you are just starting the long process of obtaining a family based visa or have already succeeded, you will find Candle for Love a refreshing place to learn about the challenges that we face when dealing with the government, different cultures, traditions, and languages. Please join us and add to the community that we call Candle for Love.